I awoke to discover that somehow despite there being thick cloud yesterday, not a peep of sunshine and the temperature supposedly peaking at 19C, I’d managed to burn my head. This never happened in the southern USA, Mexico nor Costa Rica, all places where the temperature was often double this figure. It feels a bit strange wearing suncream when most of the locals are walking around in jumpers and coats!

I had a walk to the seafront at Miraflores. Technically it wasn’t the seafront as the beach is at the bottom of tall cliffs but up there was a nice promenade to stroll along. The beach itself wasn’t worth the steep walk down, with it being more of a surfing hotspot rather than containing golden sands. Granted it will probably look more appealing when the sun is out though rather than on a dull Thursday afternoon in the springtime. There’s a swanky shopping centre on the prom that gives great views of the beach below. Further along the landscaped walkway is Parque del Amor (or Love Park) whose centre point is a rather interesting sculpture of a couple holding a compromising pose!

Someone told me that there are some pre-Incan ruins bang in the middle of suburban Lima. Huaca Pucllana is located about a 15 minute walk away from the hostel. It’s slightly surreal that on one side of the road is a row of houses, while across the street is a large fenced off area that is currently being excavated. Someone at the hostel told me that the site was only discovered recently and that previously it was waste ground where motocross riders would practise on the hill formed by a pyramid underneath. I’m not sure if that is true but it’s a good story.

With an early start tomorrow morning I paid my hostel bill before going to bed. This was the first time I’ve ever paid upon leaving rather than at check-in. Here you even pay your bar and food bill at check-out too. The food was excellent, proper Peruvian fare rather than the bog-standard crap usually served in such places. Hopefully people don’t take advantage of this kind gesture and do a runner without paying.

Miraflores shopping centre
The beach probably looks better in the summer
The Get A Room Sculpture in Paque del Amor (Love Park)
Huaca Pucllana