Possibly the worst thing you can do while hung over is to go wine tasting. We didn’t get much choice as it was on the way to the next destination. Peruvian wine isn’t the best and that’s coming from someone who has drank Lambrini on a reasonably frequent basis in days gone by. Obviously nobody is forcing you to consume the samples on offer but it would be rude not to! The wine that we were given was quite sweet and actually perked me up a bit. I suppose this was the (not medically recommended) hair of the dog.

The next stop was just outside the town of Nazca in order to view the Nazca Lines. I’ve also seen it spelt Nasca but the internet seems to prefer the alternative spelling. These  are a quite difficult to explain. Even the experts struggle. Basically they are shapes made into the ground that consist of geometric patterns and outlines of animals, symbols, etc. In the past after torrential rain there was a worry that they’d wash away but the lines still remain. Historians and archaeologists have differing theories as to how and why the Nazca Lines were formed. As they cover a huge area, the best way to see this phenomenon is by plane. The budget option is to walk up to the top of the viewing tower that is situated next to the highway. Here you can’t see a huge amount, certainly not enough to appreciate the vast scale of the area but you get a bit of an idea.

Just before the night leg of the bus ride started we stopped off for some food. A lot of Peruvian food is similar to Chinese cuisine. Typical dishes such as (insert a type of meat) Salto involve meat, stir fry vegetables and soy sauce. This is typically served with half rice/half chips. I’m a big fan of the rice and chips combo, although more often than not the chips tend to be under cooked.

On the night bus to Arequipa there was a vote to decide which films to watch. “We now have democracy in Peru”, joked Nilo. The winner was Shallow Waters, a preposterous shark film. After that, the Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards film was shown but by that point I’d already nodded off.

Huacachina lagoon
Wine tasting
Nazca Lines at sunset
Nazca Lines viewing tower
The view from the top