The 2.05am flight time wasn’t ideal but was preferable to the other option of an afternoon departure and late night arrival in Lima. I managed to sleep for almost the entire six hour flight while still waking for the meal. Someone had told me that in Peru it’s common for entire families to turn up to the airport to greet returning relatives. This was defiantly the case today where I saw a plethora of signs, balloons and flowers on display from the large number of people waiting behind the arrivals barrier. I managed to keep most of the pestering taxi drivers at bay by pretending to be on the phone.

On many measures Lima is the second largest city in South America, bigger than Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Bogota. On the taxi ride from the airport it certainly appeared to sprawl. Like many South American cities, Lima has a mix of poorer areas and the more modern and affluent districts. One of the latter is Miraflores, where I stayed. Compared to Florida the weather was pleasantly cool at around 20C. Judging by how the locals were dressed with coats, scarves, and boots out in force, this was likely cool by Lima standards. One of the most immediately noticeable things about Peru was that the population is perhaps not the tallest in the world. Following a bit of internet research I discovered that the average height of an adult Peruvian male is 5’5. I felt very tall around here. Back home about 1 in 32 people are taller than me. Here it’s 1 in 10,562!

I stayed in a great hostel in upmarket Miraflores. The staff here couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. The place had a great roof terrace. If you blocked out the incessant car horns you’d never realise that you were in the heart of a metropolis. The hostel bar was directly above a huge roundabout and main intersection. Next to this is Kennedy Park or Parque Kennedy as the locals call it. I had a little walk around the park. In and around Parque Kennedy are lots of cats. They’re not particularly feral looking. In fact they appear to be well fed and healthy to a point where someone must be looking after them. I’m not sure how they cross the road as I was struggling with the manic traffic and I have knowledge of the Green Cross Code! On TripAdvisor the cats of Kennedy Park have been voted as the 29th best attraction in Lima. I’m sure that the crazy cat people must have played a significant role in this.

After a lot of tiring travelling I didn’t get out any further today and had an early night.

Miraflores from the hostel bar
Parque Kennedy
Cats all over the place