Today was much the same as yesterday, chilling around South Beach. I walked a couple of miles down the beach paddling in the warm sea water. This really helped with the blisters. The only trouble was that the water washed the suncream off, resulting in burnt feet, which is no laughing matter.

Back at the hostel I noticed a television was broadcasting the local news. The main story was about how reported cases of the Zika virus were increasing across Florida. Mosquitoes carrying Zika had been found on Miami Beach and overnight insecticide was sprayed from planes over a zone including where I was staying. This was a few hours before and over the exact spot where I had walked along the beach today. People on the news were arguing over what is more dangerous, the virus or whatever chemicals they sprayed. I don’t know how busy Miami Beach normally is but there were plenty of people out today who didn’t seem put off by the whole episode.

Miami Beach