I’ve already seen most of the touristy stuff around Miami; the Everglades, the Florida Keys, a boat trip around the bay looking at the swish houses, and so on. The one place left that I fancied seeing was Little Havana, back over on the mainland from Miami Beach. However I had to give this a miss through injury. Walking around Florida in flip-flops had resulted in some nasty looking blisters. I had to be careful not to make them any worse with plenty of walking around Peru coming up, so that limited the weekend’s activities to taking it easy around South Beach.

South Beach is a tremendous place for an easy weekend. There are classic cars all over the place and the people watching is interesting to say the least. My favourite part is the huge amount of preserved Art Deco structures that are stunning. It’s nice to see that the generic chain businesses in such buildings are required to retain the integrity of the architecture.

Art Deco public toilets
Art Deco Burger King