With my flight to Peru not until 2.05am tomorrow morning (I didn’t even know that you could fly at that time), I had one last full day in Miami. Wanting to get out and about somewhere, I left the bags in the hostel storage room and headed to West Palm Beach. I had the option of going either here or Fort Lauderdale (these are the two major places above Miami). I chose West Palm Beach mainly because its train station is close to the city.

In hindsight I shouldn’t have bothered going to West Palm Beach. Just before the train arrived there a huge thunder storm began.This curtailed the ability to walk around without possibly being struck by lightning. The little I saw of West Palm Beach consisted of high-rise apartments and strip malls. I never even got as far as the beach. Essentially I’d spent a fair chunk of the day going up and down the Florida coast on a train. It turned out to be a bit of a boring day really but I suppose it still beats working!

Miami Airport is certainly a gateway to Latin America. It was noticeable how many tourists in Miami are around from those parts. From what I could see the airport offers by far the best deals on flights to South America.