The weekend traffic into Miami was horrific and the last two hours were spent crawling into the new all singing and dancing public transport station next to the airport. Even Megabus has its own terminal here, rather than the usual waiting on the curb for the bus to turn up. Getting across to Miami Beach seemed to also take forever with bumper-to-bumper traffic for most of the way.

Upon arrival at the hostel I was invited to go nightclubbing tonight. I politely declined although I noticed that over 100 people from the hostel had already signed up. For starters I don’t have any shoes with me and my one shirt is creased. Also Miami Beach is up there with the posiest places I’ve ever seen. I’d probably hate the music and it’s a given that everything would be overpriced. Since bars have been open until late back home I’ve only ever paid to get into a club if it plays great music. Without wishing to sound like an old man, I’d probably hate these places here!