For those not wishing to go to Busch Gardens there’s seems like about a day’s worth of sights to see in Tampa. As I’ve got two and a half days, I did slightly more than nothing today. I barely left the hotel, alternating between the pool and the air conditioned room to see a fair bit of Parks and Recreation and Love on Netflix.

I ventured out to get some food. At the bar there were about six other people to sit next to, but the man who walked in chose me to tell his life story to. The fellow was one of those people who like to tell you everything about themselves. In the space of twenty minutes I’d found out that he was 80 years old (but didn’t look it), had terminal cancer, had just been to the hospital for treatment, served in Vietnam, had a son who lived in Tennessee, his daughter was a doctor in Australia who earned $250,000 a year and his wife had passed away. I suspect he may have been the first Trump supporter I’ve met but we didn’t get around to politics. He seemed pleasant enough though. I actually felt slightly sorry for the man as he was clearly a bit lonely.