The first thing that I noticed about Sarasota was the sheer quantity of lizards that reside there. They tend to be of the smaller variety but you seeming can’t go near any vegetation or grass for longer than about 30 seconds without seeing one.

Sarasota has a really nice coastal setting. There’s lots of paths and landscaped areas where the beautiful people jog. Just past the harbour, containing plenty of fancy yachts, is a huge bridge that goes across to some island keys. I walked across for a look and eventually found a lovely beach. With the temperature being fairly high I didn’t fancy walking back so ordered a Lyft. This was a great call as biblical-style rainfall ensued. This would have coincided with when I’d have been at about the mid-point of the extremely long bridge.

To dodge the rain I ran into bar and avoided getting too wet. In between the regular heavy showers I managed to see some of the city. Sarasota has some nice buildings covering all sorts of architectural styles. One that stood out was the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, where Brian Wilson performed last night. Its garish purple exterior certainly makes this theatre a landmark. When the rain restarted it was back into the bar, essentially turning this afternoon into an architecture pub crawl!

The bridge I walked across
Lido Beach
Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
A bit of a shower
Selby Public Library
Downtown Sarasota