It’s warm in New Orleans, but not crazily hot. The electronic thermometer on Canal Street this morning indicated a temperature of 88F. Obviously this is sweltering for a pasty person such as myself who is liable to get sunburn anywhere above 60F. However compared to some of the weather I’ve experienced this summer, this is fairly temperate. What is the issue though is the humidity, which is saying is at 92%. I’m not sure exactly what that measure is but essentially it means that your hair will turn frizzy and you’ll sweat out of pores that you never realise existed. Without being crude, I genuinely wasn’t aware that you could perspire from your arms or backs of your legs until today!

I took the ferry across the Mississippi River to Algiers Point. There’s not a huge amount to do over there except look at the Louis Armstrong statue and have a drink in The Crown & Anchor English Pub. Some of the draft beverages included Bass Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale and Blackthorne Dry Cider. I opted for Abita Select Amber on account of having seen other people drinking this since the 1990s!

Back in New Orleans I walked into the French Quarter along the relatively peaceful Riverwalk. Bourbon Street was busy despite it still being daylight. Plenty of people were taking advantage of the 3 for 1 drink offers. I took a seat in the window of a bar, listened to the band playing and took advantage of the inevitably good people watching opportunities. There were Oakland Raiders fans all over the place. I wasn’t aware of fans travelling across the country for NFL games. Some may have been local but a lot definitely seems to have travelled for a weekend on the lash in New Orleans.

I’ve noticed that the photos on the new camera haven’t been great. On the settings I’d chosen one of the medium quality options to avoid using up lots of memory but this does’t take great pictures. I’ve had a look into it and adjusted the settings so hopefully now the quality should improve although unfortunately it won’t be as good as the original Sony camera that I was using.

New Orleans from the river
The Crown & Anchor English Pub
Louis Armstrong, possibly not at his best angle
New Orleans Riverwalk
Bourbon Street