I set my alarm for 3am for the 5am flight from Springfield. In hindsight this was far too early. At this time there was only one other person queuing at the counter and nobody else seemed to be even in the terminal. Eventually, just before 4am, the airport sprung into life.

You know it’s an early flight when you’ve flown from Springfield to Dallas, then Dallas to New Orleans and arrived in the Big Easy (as some people call it) before 9am! Incidentally New Orleans has one of the coolest airport names, Louis Armstrong International. That sounds much better than calling it after it some despot local politician.

I first visited New Orleans a couple of years ago. It’s one of my favourite paces so therefore I was back. The recent rescheduling of the itinerary meant that I got an extra day and a half here. Struggling from the lack of sleep last night, the half day wasn’t really spent doing anything particularly constructive though.