Not much happened today. I was awoke by a text from my mother informing me that the Tranmere Invincibles were no more, having been beaten 3-1 by Aldershot. Most of the rest of the day was spent pottering and blogging, although I did manage to get a haircut. The young lady who cut my hair was a bit of a character. I’ve never heard so much effing and jeffing come out of someone in the barbers since Coming To America. I told her about people mistaking me as an Aussie. She said, “You don’t sound anything ******** like an Australian. American can be so ******** dumb.” I was asked about my opinion of Donald Trump. As she was in the process of cutting my hair, I assessed the situation and considered what response would get me the best possible service. I replied, “It was a bit of a joke last year but it’s not that funny anymore.” Which was the right answer! A lengthy tirade about Republican presidential nominee ensued. By her and not me by the way! She clearly didn’t seem to be much of a fan.

Last night my camera was acting up quite a bit and today it seemed even worse. Not that there was much to take pictures of today. Cafes, barbers and Denver Airport are not the most photogenic scenary, although Denver does have one of the more distinct airports. The out-of-focus sunset photo, which has actually come out quite arty looking despite no photographic skills being used, may be the last picture taken with this camera for a while.

The last photo taken with the Sony?