Happy Labor Day to all my working friends. Apologies for the spelling but that’s what it’s called. I can’t understand why America doesn’t have their workers public holiday in May like everyone else but I suppose that they sometimes like to be a bit different.

It had become apparent that I’d left some clothing in the tumble drier at the hotel in Denver. Included was my favourite shirt, a black and white checked number. As it was just this, another shirt, some jeans and a couple of pairs of undies, I suppose it could have been worse.

There hasn’t been much photography happening over the weekend. After quite a bit of internet research it seems that the camera is properly broken. Lots of other people seem to have had similar issues with this model.  The problem is something to do with the lens motor. In hindsight it may not have been the best camera for me to have brought travelling as I have used it a lot, which means a fair bit of the lens going in and out. It looks as though the going rate to fix it is about $200. There’s also the issue of finding somewhere to do it while travelling. Annoyingly it’s also just out of warranty. I’ll probably buy a cheaper camera in the meantime and wait until I get home to sort this one out. It’s a shame though as it ‘s taken some really nice photos.

I walked to Walmart to have a look at their cameras and found one that looks OK. I also bought some replacement clothes, nothing too good though due to the high probability of being left behind somewhere! Back at the hotel I put my new shirt on. At home I’m normally size L or XL depending on the fit. This XL shirt looked absolutely ridiculous on me. It was like one of those stories about how people have lost half of their body weight and hold up their old clothes. I’ve heard of generous sizing to make the customer feel better but this was taking it a bit far. With these sizes I could comfortably fit into a M, something I probably haven’t done for about 15 years!

Other than that, the rest of the day was spent between the hotel pool, hot tub and Netflix. A nice and relaxing bank holiday, although I’m kind of aware that most days are a bit like a bank holiday for me at the moment.