Detroit has been a fascinating place to visit. I taken more photos here than anywhere else. It’s certainly unique. Yesterday when we were driving around we went down a street of what appeared to be multi-million dollar mansions. The next street contained ramshackle houses and the four roads after this had nothing. Hopefully Detroit is finally making a comeback after many false dawns. While it’s obviously far from posh, I still don’t know whether it’s a dangerous place. It looks as though it should be with many of the usual warning signs all over the place – rundown housing, not many people out and about and so on. However at no time did I ever feel unsafe of threatened. I saw no houses with electric fences or window bars that are frequent in Brazil and Mexico, or even New York or Miami. Maybe it’s because many people here don’t have things worth stealing. Who knows?

Again it was another time versus money dilemma. I opted for the $1 Megabus to Chicago and an essentially free Avios flight to Charlotte, rather than a $120 flight there direct from Detroit. The hostel in Chicago were kind enough to look after my luggage so I had a look around Grant Park and took some photos of the Frank Gehry structures from which the pictures didn’t turn out last time. Another thing that didn’t happen last week was locating the Gallagher house from Shameless as I was too scared to venture into the hood.Would you Adam and Eve what I noticed today while walking through the Chicago Loop! Signs were all over the place about filming for Shameless taking place. When I arrived it looked like they had just finished and were packing up. Someone was putting some props away so I’ll have to keep and eye out for a scene that involves a large collection of balloons. Unfortunately there was no sign of the fine Emmy Rossum.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion
BP Bridge


Coming soon to an episode of Shameless