I had most of the day in Milwaukee with an early evening bus back Chicago for the short trip. It’s been on the news that there’s been a bit of recent unrest and tension with the police recently in Milwaukee but I was unaware that there had been a nighttime curfew for minors in place. Things must have improved as reading the newspaper this morning, the curfew has been lifted.

I got off the bus into town a few stops early to have a look at a building with a big clock face, which seems to be a symbol of Milwaukee and is prominent on some of its literature. Apparently until 2010 the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower was the largest four-sided clock in the world, until a bigger one was constructed in Mecca. Yes Milwaukee’s iconic clock shares a name with the wife-beater off Coronation Street who came a cropper with a tram on Blackpool prom!

From here, Google Maps was kind enough to direct me up through the Historic Third Ward and its attractive old buildings and along the coastline of Lake Michigan. Here is where perhaps the most famous of the modern Milwaukee landmarks is located, the Milwaukee Art Museum. The main section of the museum was designed by Santiago Calatrava, who was also the architect behind the amazing City of Arts and Sciences which I visited in Valencia a couple of months ago.

Allen-Bradley Clock Tower
Lake Michigan
Milwaukee Art Museum
All sorts of architecture going on