The Greyhound back to Denver wasn’t due to depart until 4.45pm which would have meant pottering around Breckenridge for most of the day. I found out that there is another bus company whose coach leaves in the morning. The $12 fare was money well spent, meaning an extra afternoon in Denver.

It was back to the Candlewood Suites for the evening and more Olympics on the telly. Tonight was the men’s 100m final, possibly the biggest event of the games. You’d think it would be shown live. Well NBC were acting as though it was, saying the race will be coming up in less than an hour, then half an hour and so on, giving it a big build up. The only trouble was the BBC website had informed me that Usain Bolt had already won this race a few minutes earlier! NBC pays an absolute fortune for the television rights but don’t seem particularly concerned about showing things as they happen which I seems a bit strange to me.

A nice photo of old and modern Denver
Dancers sculpture