Thankfully I managed to get a half-decent sleep although I felt as stiff as anything when I woke in the morning. I suppose I’m no longer a young man and at a couple of stops I even got of the train and joined in with people doing stretches on the platform!

I felt a bit better this morning and made it down to the observation carriage to have a look at some of the amazing scenery we were passing through. The observation carriage is essentially one big window where you can sit and enjoy the Colorado River, the dramatic canyons and valleys, and terrific views of the Rocky Mountains. As the mountain scenery came to an end and the train noticeably started to descend, Denver came into sight. And would you believe it, we’re almost an hour early, making me look the idiot after criticising Amtrak’s punctuality.

I’ve been to Denver before but never stayed overnight. A couple of years ago I was in nearby Boulder and visited Denver. Earlier on this trip I also spent a few hours here. It seems like a nice city so I’m back for a few days. Neither of the hostels in Denver seem to have the best of reputations so instead I’m staying at a Candlewood Suites hotel in the suburbs but next to a light-rail station. As well as being reasonably priced these hotels tend to have a nice set up.  This one has a gym, laundry, pool, as well as a kitchen in the room.

Observation carriage




Arrival in Denver