After the disappointment of not flying from San Jose to San Jose (which will probably make no sense without reading the blog entry for the other day) I decided to spend the morning having a look around San Jose, California. I was really trying to shoehorn a joke in here with the song, Do You Know The Way To San Jose?, but even by the standards of this blog it would have been corny! As part of the Bay Area, I was expecting San Jose to be similar distance from San Francisco as Oakland, maybe a half an hour train ride. However it seemed to take forever to get there. After stopping at all sorts of places that I think are in Silicon Valley, it eventually arrived in San Jose over an hour and a half later. To be honest it probably wasn’t worth the effort to see what seems like a fairly generic city. Granted though, all I saw of San Jose was from wandering around for a couple of hours with no prior research. I’d possibly go as far as saying that it may not even be any better than its namesake in Costa Rica, which certainly isn’t anything to write home about. It seemed strange how the weather can be so different across a relatively short distance. San Francisco is famous for its quirky climate and this morning it was misty and somewhat cold here, while San Jose was sunny and at least 10C warmer. Obviously I got caught out, resulting in the inevitable sunburned head!

The longer than expected journey back from San Jose meant that I missed The Last Shadow Puppets at Outside Lands and only just made it back for Sufjan Stevens, probably the best performance of the festival I saw. I’ve got a few of his albums and he makes beautiful melancholic music. Having read some interviews I was expecting a reasonably serious live performance. This couldn’t have be further from what we saw tonight. Sufjan’s outfit made Lady Gaga look conservative. At one point he was wearing a foil outfit while standing on a stepladder also adorned in tinfoil. I’m not sure if this is what usually happens or whether he has camped up his act for San Francisco.

The pungent aroma of marijuana was prevalent in the air at the festival. In California this substance is legal for medicinal purposes. While your doctor may prescribe marijuana for anxiety or to curb back pain, I’m not sure if smoking it while watching Major Lazer is an appropriate indication. Although it can perhaps be argued that anyone listening to such rubbish perhaps needs medicating!

Tonight’s headliners were Radiohead who certainly drew the biggest crowd of the weekend. I find it somewhat baffling how their popularity increases as their music has become less commercially palatable. There were plenty of songs played off the brilliant OK Computer, finishing with Paranoid Android and Karma Police. However The Bends is one of the greatest albums of all time and their wasn’t a single song played from it. Nothing was also performed from the extremely underrated Pablo Honey, but anyone turning up to a Radiohead concert expecting anything from this is surely an eternal optimist. Despite not performing some of the greatest songs ever recorded it was nonetheless a good gig.

Foggy in San Francisco


San Jose
Sufjan Stevens, as confirmed by the sign