Cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge is an extremely popular activity for people visiting San Francisco to do. I intended to do this the last time I was here but I got into a huff due to Tranmere getting relegated and stayed in bed all day! At one point today I was doing perhaps the most touristy thing ever. This involved eating clam chowder in a bread bowl outside Pier 39 with a bike that I was about to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge!

The bike ride was nice. Loads of amateur cyclists were out in force, almost riding into each other and pedestrians. Once you got onto the bridge, the bike traffic thinned out with quite a few being put off by the strong winds.

While San Francisco is one of my favourite cities, it has possibly more homeless people than anywhere I’ve ever been to which considering its wealth, is fairly disgraceful. I’ve seen some theories why this is the case such as the climate being not too hot nor cold, people being evicted due to high rental prices, the mostly liberal population being more accepting of and less likely to hassle homeless people, and high levels of mental illness often from drug abuse. San Francisco is also quite a compact city, where you can be walking down a street with multi-million dollar properties, only to then turn a corner to find a hovel.

I’ll definitely be back to San Francisco one day. There’s still plenty more to see; the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in San Rafael, Muir Woods, the ferry to Oakland, the Mission murals, and loads of other stuff.

Not as nice as it looks to be honest


San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge
Never seen anyone asleep in the middle of the pavement during the day