I’d booked to go on a San Jose walking tour this morning but overnight they emailed me to say that the guide was ill. That saved $21, which perhaps seems a lot but is in line with the expensive tourist stuff on offer in Costa Rice. Using Wikitravel I figured out the main sights of the tour, mapped them out and walked around them on my own. It took about an hour to see the lot and is probably fair to say that San Jose isn’t one of the great cities of the world. To be fair people don’t tend to come to Costa Rica to see San Jose. It has the nice old building though. The main museums are the Gold Museum and the Jade Museum, neither of which are my cup of tea. San Jose has a fairly gritty feel to it. A lot of the buildings look as though they could do with a good scrub and there’s bags of rubbish all over the streets, as though it was the winter of discontent.

While I felt fine walking around during the day, at night with he vibes I was getting, the lack of people out and about and the fairly poor street lighting, I didn’t want to venture far. This limited the night-time options of non-knocking shop bars to the one at the hotel and the pub diagonally opposite, both of which were fairly dead.

National Museum of Costa Rica
National Theatre of Costa Rica