After the relative luxury of being dropped off outside our accommodation for the past two week, it was back to lugging bags around again today. Most of the day was spent in Cancun Airport awaiting a flight to Costa Rica, which was about as uneventful as would be expected. You have to be a bit careful booking flights to San Jose as if you’re not aying attention you may end up in San Jose, California or even San Juan, Puerto Rico, if you follow where some of the booking systems want to direct you! Why am I going to Costa Rica? The two things that spring to mind about the country are that Costa Rica is famous for not having any armed forces and it sounds great in a Geordie accent. Neither of these are reasons to go though! Why it is such a popular tourist destination is its naturally beauty and its amazing nature and ecosystems. Despite (or perhaps because of) its lack of a military, Costa Rica also has a reputation of being one of the most stable countries in Central America.

There seemed to be all sorts of airport bureaucracy happening upon arrival. Apparently I hadn’t fille out enough paperwork in immigration so I was given a form from an airline that I did not fly on. l told the officer this but he said that it didn’t matter. Two of the questions seemed to make no sense in English so when I queried this with the official they say it doesn’t matter, waved me through and welcomed me to Costa Rica!

The airport was one of those where, after you walk out of the customs, you’re directly on the street. To prevent being pestered by a plethora of taxi drivers I used the old trick of pretending to be on the phone which cuts down the hustling considerably. I always research transport options on Wikitravel and at this time of night the only realistic plan was to take a taxi. Apparently the official taxis are orange and these were easy to find. Having done the necessary research I ensured that the maria (meter) was on and away we went. I’ve never seen a maria move so rapidly. The exchange rate is 700-odd colones to the pound and the meter went up 20 colones at a time. For 12 miles the fare was £21, which seemed a bit steep but I later checked what it should be and that sounds about right.