I had another walk around Oaxaca in the morning before we left. The cathedral is difficult to view at the moment as the main square is covered in protesters tents, kind of Occupy-style. Entrepreneurs have arrived to the area, setting up food stalls to take advantage of the extra people.

Tonight we were supposed to be travelling to the next place, San Cristóbal de las Casas, via a night bus but intercity buses around the region have been cancelled on the grounds that they are unlikely to be able to pass through the blockaded roads. Therefore we are flying instead. All credit to GAdventures for paying for the flight and an extra night’s hotel in San Cristóbal, which they not automatically required to do in such instances of events out of their control.

The first of two flights was in the opposite desired direction, back to Mexico City. A few hours layover, followed by a bit of a delay and the transfer bus driver having to take an elongated route to avoid closed roads meant that we arrived at the hotel in San Cristobal at 2am. This still beats the night bus though.

Today I became familiar with the Pokemon Go. Out of the group this seemed to make me the odd one out. I was vaguely aware of it due to the recent media coverage but wouldn’t have had a clue of the ins and outs of the game. Apparently everyone had noticed both kids and people who should be too old for that sort of thing running about all over the place in Mexico. I’ve been oblivious to all this but will keep an eye out in future.

Something else that I’ve noticed is that Mexicans are often quite rotund. A quick internet search of “fattest country in the world” puts Mexico at nineteenth but once you take out all of the tiny island countries, they’re well inside the top ten. It’s not difficult so see why. People here seem to be constantly eating ridiculous amounts of sugar. I found it hard to find bread that isn’t sweet and when you buy a fresh fruit juice (ie. one made in the market only from the fruit itself) sugar gets added unless you specifically request for it not to. It’s also sadly really common to see tiny children drinking bottles of pop.

They love a painted building in Oaxaca
Oaxaca pedestrianised street
Oaxaca Cathedral surrounded by protestors tents