I couldn’t be doing with that long walk again to the bus stop so split it up into three parts, stopping for a drink and them some breakfast along the way. The bus to Las Vegas took less that two hours, travelling through the bottom of Utah, the top corner of Arizona and into Nevada. If the scenery between Salt Lake City and St George was nice, this terrain was even more spectacular. We passed not too far away from the Grand Canyon and the views were along those lines.

Having been to Las Vegas quite a few times I wasn’t especially bothered about going on this trip. However it was a good chance to meet my old mate Matt who was arriving into town tomorrow. Tonight I stayed in the Candlewood Suites, just off the Strip. The rooms are apartments and are really nice, with a kitchen and a couch in the living room. There’s no casino or bar but it suited me to spend a night in taking and bath and doing some washing. This weekend is a marathon, not a sprint!

View from the coach