You can see the highlights of St George in about an hour of walking. And this is actually the biggest place between SLC and Las Vegas. There’s nothing particularly wrong with St George though. The central part has a nice small-town feel, although Usain Bolt could run from one end of the city centre to the other in considerably less than a minute. It’s kind of like a much smaller version of SLC, with St George also having an impressive temple and being surrounded by a terrific landscape. St George is even more Mormon than SLC. According Wikipedia, 68% of people here practice the LDS religion. I noticed that a couple of food places sold booze but only came across one bar, which from the outside looks well dodge, as the youngsters say . I didn’t go in but I’d imagine that it’s actually probably OK as apparently, according to the internet, St George has almost no crime.

The temperature today has stayed over the sweltering 100F mark. Some shops on the high street have a mist of cold water spraying out to attempt to keep passers-by cool.

St George Temple
According to Yelp, The One and Only Bar in town, and nowhere near as dodge as ir looks
The air conditioned high street