Today’s the second semi-final of Euro 2016 with France playing Germany. Throughout the last few months I’ve been putting a couple of quid here and there on France to win the tournament, something that will provide a nice sum if it happens. After a bit of a hairy first-half France ended up doing the business leaving surely what will be an inevitable win over Portugal in the final on Sunday.

It becomes noticeable every time I visit Vegas that it’s getting more gentrified. The Boardwalk Casino is long gone and on my last visit the block where the Imperial Palace and O’Shea’s used to be has been replaced by some swanky shop, restaurants and a Ferris Wheel. At the moment another old-school hotel, The Mirage, is in the process of being demolished. This makes finding cheap food and drink much more difficult. A few of the older and lower brow places still exist although they’re more difficult to find. With the £/$ exchange rate currently at $1.28 it’s necessary to be a bit of a Thrifty Trevor.

Matt arrived tonight from back east so we went out for a few beers.

Had to wait ages to get a photo not ruined by traffic
A bit blurred but I don’t claim to be David Bailey