We almost forgot that the Euro 2016 final was going on and ending up missing the first half. France were disappointing and managed to lose my bet, the second losing finalist in two weeks after backing Argentina in the Copa America. Having seen Portugal v Iceland a few weeks ago I never saw that coming. That’s sort of the end of football for about a month now.

Whatever is on my hands has gone down a bit today so the diagnosis has been downgraded to probable insect bites! Having said that, eating all sorts of crap for the last month has meant that I’ve started to get a bit spotty and I’m feeling a bit of general malaise. It’s hasn’t been easy to find much fruit or veg in the US but hopefully that will get better in Mexico later in the week. At home I hardly touch sugary drinks but as it’s so hot I’ve been drinking at least a frozen Coke each day as they really sort your thirst out.

Matt’s now gone so it’s back to being on my Bill. I changed hotels, back to the Candlewood Suites. Somehow I’d managed to book the room for the wrong day (tomorrow) but thankfully the nice receptionist changed the reservation. Otherwise that could have been  an expensive error.