I had a full day to use up in Las Vegas so there was lots of walking around happening. One of my favourite architects is Frank Gehry so I went to have a look at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. It’s not one of the highest profile Gehry building but I’ve never seen a hospital that looks like this.

As usual, when I have an early flight I tend to stay overnight in the airport. There’s actually a website (www.sleepinginairports.net) that reviews airports on criteria such as comfort of chairs, helpfulness of staff, etc, and gives tips on the best places to sleep. McCarran Airport has very comfort chairs but it a bit noisy with slot machines all over the place and background music playing all night. There was an announcement for Larry and Tamara-something to report somewhere, which was repeated at least twenty times for most of the night! The only downside to Las Vegas Airport is the inevitable standard of clientele. At one point during the night someone came over to our section of chairs and was telling anyone who’d listen that he wasn’t allowed to fly as he was too drunk. Judging by the speed he was talking and his twitching, I’d imagine that there may have been some narcotics also consumed. I didn’t want any part of this conversation so pretended to be asleep. By the time he’d moved on I was wide awake and it was only half-past-two, still a while off my 6.15am flight to Dallas.