More drinking today, this time in Downtown Las Vegas, the sort of old-school part of town. Here prices tend to be a bit cheaper. You can still find the 99c shrimp cocktails and hot dogs, although I avoided them on account of trying not to eat shit. Having said that, I still managed to break my record for the cost of a pint, $8.50. To be fair, 22 fluid ounces is a bit more than a pint, but over £6.50 for the cheapest beer (PBR) is a bit steep. The band were almost good enough to justify this though. A drunk at the bar, after giving out about four fist pumps, offered to buy us a beer. Knowing how much they cost, we politely declined the offer. He clearly wasn’t aware of the bar tariff and seemed gutted when he received the bill for his two drinks and the four bevies he bought for others, $50-odd!

There were plenty of great people watching opportunities today. A restaurant offers free food for patrons weighing over 350lb, or about 25 stone. While this may be ethically questionable, people seem to flock onto their industrial sized scales to weigh themselves. with the weight being displayed on a neon sign. While sitting in a bar across the road this provided entertainment for us as we played the game of guessing people’s weight. Another bar had a machine where you had to manoeuvre a crane to collect a prize. This sort of game is common in arcades where you can scoop up cuddly toys or similar tat. This one was to pick up a lobster out of the water tank, which would then be cooked on the premises for you. Animal cruelty issues aside, would you really want to eat something that has been poked at all day in a slightly grotty bar? It was certainly a big money spinner for the owner. In the time we were there, people were queuing up to have a go at $2 a time. Nobody came close to fishing out a lobster. For the amount of money some people put in, they could have visited the $15 all-you-can-eat seafood buffet round the corner for less!

Not sure what to say about this
Classic downtown casino
Catch a lobster. It was difficult to take a picture without a mug playing the game in the picture