Mormons famously don’t drink alcohol nor caffeine so there’s noticeably fewer bars or cafes around. There’s the odd boozer here and there but SLC is hardly a great destination to go out on the lash. It is also evident that hardly anywhere seems to be open on a Sunday, presumably for religious reasons.

Lots of visitors to Utah go for the outdoorsy stuff and spectacular scenery. You need a car to do a lot of that but there’s a couple of good hikes within the city. One of these is if you keep walking past the impressive Utah Capitol Building and up a hill for about a mile, which provides great views of SLC.

Today I learnt what the difference between hot and humid, and just hot is. Someone defined humid as the feeling of having a shower in the morning and needing another one as soon as you step outside. In terms of temperature, SLC has been on par with most of the South but without wishing to be gross, the volume of sweatage has been substantially less here. I’d take the dry heat of Utah any day.

Utah Capitol Building