It was somewhat noticeable that there didn’t seem to be very many homeless people in downtown SLC. This morning, while walking to the bus station on the outskirts of the city, I noticed why. There’s a sort of Skid-Row road where people are sleeping in tents on grass verges. I tried to give it a wide-berth although didn’t feel particularly threatened as at this time of the morning nobody seemed to have roused from their tents.

I asked Bobbi-Jo (as per her name badge) behind the counter at the bus station if my 8.30am bus to St George was on time. She informed me that it had left. I said, “It’s only a quarter to eight.” BJ pointed at the bank of clocks behind her, with all the time zones covered, and that it was 8.45am. For a second I panicked as these buses aren’t very regular. Upon a second look she then realised that it was in fact only 7.45am.

The bus was on time and it was a pleasant journey to the other side of Utah. Due to it being American Independence Day, traffic and fellow passengers were sparse. St George does not have a bus station. Instead the Greyhound Bus drops you off at a petrol station just off the freeway. This isn’t the stop that Google Maps indicates. Where the bus stop is and where I am staying are at total opposite ends of St George. I doubt there are buses on a bank holiday here (I’d be surprised if there was much public transport here on a normal day) and wouldn’t have a clue where to start with getting a taxi. Therefore I’ll have to walk the two miles or so. This isn’t helped by one of those electronic displays informing me of a temperature of 102F. I was staying in the Sands Motel. It’s a little clapped out but perfectly adequate. It’s setting is against a stunning back backdrop of red rocks.

Tonight I quite fancied going to the cinema so had a look at what was showing at the Super 6. It was possibly the Unsuper 6 films you could imagine. X-Men: Apocalypse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Warcraft, Finding Dory, and Love and Friendship. Not a great lineup by any means. Therfore I opted for a night in watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix, via the Sands surprisingly fast Wifi.

Nice bus ride
Sands Motel