Today I am officially unemployed with my work contract finishing yesterday. It’s hardly come as a surprise as I was fortunate to be in a position to give up my job. Nonetheless, it’s still a bit of a weird feeling.

There were two possible buses to get from Ft Collins to Denver Airport for the 3.15pm flight to Salt Lake City. The earlier bus left at 7am and the later bus at 11am. As the second bus would have been pushing it to arrive within time, I  reluctantly got up at 6am. I needn’t have bothered as the flight was delayed until 8.15pm, meaning a long day waiting in the airport. We were informed that there had been some sort of mechanical issues with the plane and therefore a substitute aircraft was flying in from Seattle. To be fair, Southwest Airlines were great. They were extremely apologetic and transferred as many people as possible onto another departure at 4.45pm. This was no good for me though as I had already checked in luggage. Without having to ask, all passengers were given a $200 flight voucher, not bad considering the flight had only cost $120. This customer service was in complete contrast to another American airline (without giving any hints away but it’s the one that usually springs to mind when thinking of an American airline) whom I used a couple of years ago when a whole string of balls ups occurred, at least three of which were worse than this. This well-known American airline (coincidentally whose terminal I’m sitting in at Dallas-Ft Worth Airport while typing this) offered me a $100 voucher against the $1200 flight and I had to kick up an absolute stink to get that!

This turn of events did create an accommodation issue. We were now due to land in SLC at around 10pm, meaning that there’d be no chance of making the hotel check-in limit of 10.30pm. That’s a fair enough policy as it’s not really fair to wake up others by arriving late at night. I emailed the hostel twice to inform them of this, hoping that they’d may be a bit flexible but got no reply.

Fortunately I was able to find a reasonably priced hotel in central SLC. My self-imposed beer ban had barely lasted a day. Spending a day in an airport departure lounge meant that the off-license next to the hotel was two much of a temptation and I couldn’t resist getting a couple of bevvies.

Spending almost the entire day in Denver Airport meant that I didn’t have any photos. Obviously it was pitch black when I arrived in SLC so the photo above was actually taken tomorrow morning.