Ft Collins is indeed a pleasant and quaint place. The sort of city where strangers wish you a good morning and cars stop in the road to let you across despite there being no other traffic within sight.  Back home it would probably be classed as a town but any settlement more than a row of houses in the US seems to have city status. I normally leave the food reviews for  Trip Advisor but Big City Burritos was fantastic. Kind of like a non-chain, authentic (as in real Latino people working there) version of Subway where you could almost have anything on your burrito.

I attempt to travel as lightly as possible and thought that two shirts would be perfectly adequate. However I wasn’t taking into account the climate where simply breathing is enough physical exertion to sweat like a proverbial wild man. T-shirts aren’t great as they don’t cover enough of my pasty skin to prevent sunstroke so sometimes I was going through both shirts in the same day. Therefore it was time to splash out on a new shirt. Without wishing to insult my American friends body specifications it was pleasant to be in a place where I can still comfortably fit in a Large Slim Fit shirt.

I tend to avoid talking politics with strangers it has became apparent that I have yet to find someone who speaks favourably of Donald Trump. Somewhat reassuringly, everyone who has mentioned him so far has universally referred to him as a buffoon, asshole or something similar but less polite. That said though before I go to the bookies with a wheelbarrow of cash to put on Hilary Clinton,  the people I’ve been talking probably don’t represent a scientific demographic cross-section.

Downtown Ft Collins
More DTFC as they may or may not call it