Not a great deal happened today. It was quite nice just to have a leisurely walk around Ft Collins. I must have been asked about 20 times to sign petition in order to get a ballot motion for something to do with voluntary euthanasia for terminally ill people. I needed to get a t-shirt stating, “I’m not a registered Colorado voter,” as that was all I seemed to be saying. I’ve always liked the idea of getting an issue put to vote in a referendum if a certain number of people sign a petition supporting it. However from what I’ve witnessed here, most men will sign anything if a hot girl asks them to!

Ft Collins is a big beer place with loads of breweries around and about. Being a bit of a Frugal Freddy I tend to avoid the hip beers and opt for the bog standard PBR or Miller Lite. However during the afternoons everywhere in Ft Collins has happy hours with loads of $2 or $3 pints. After today I’ll try and have a break from the drinking until Las Vegas next week. When travelling you have to remember that you aren’t really on holiday, so you don’t want to get into the habit of drinking every night. I’ll be in Utah for the next few days so will have a go at the Mormon alcohol policy. As the phrase goes, when in Salt Lake City……

It’s no Lake Como but nice enough for a walk around