I’m in Chattanooga until Monday morning so today I’d pencilled to go for a walk around the Lookout Mountain and Ruby Falls just outside of the city. However with the temperature being 96F (yes ninety-six degrees Fahrenheit) and humid as anything, that wasn’t going to happen. Instead I did some internet research about beard maintenance, a topic to which there is an incredible about of online material. I’ve always been jealous of a good beard although I’m quite hairy, the dampener has been that most of the hairs are either grey or ginger. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with that but as the remaining hair on my head is brown, any beard growth looks a bit crap. That’s were the Just For Men beard dye comes in and the results are surprisingly good, even if I say so myself. A good thing about travelling is that you can try new looks like this without having to worry too about the outcome. If I’d have turned up to work with a face stained with beard dye I’d have been laughed out if town!

This also provided a good opportunity to catch up on this blog and sort through some photos. Euro 2016 has restarted again and I was able to rearrange the hotel room into a nice setup. The desk moved into the middle of the room to give a good view of the telly (albeit none of the three games were particularly thrilling), there was a nice breeze coming through the window (which overlooked the pool of the more expensive hotel next door) and as it’s the weekend I had a couple of cold Rolling Rocks (yes they still sell them here). The writing seems to flow better after a few beers!

The most interesting of the evening meal options from the selection of  chain restaurants near the hotel was the Cracker Barrel, a southern-themed establishment. Actually getting into the restaurant was confusing enough. I walked past the entrance three times before I realised that you get in through the gift shop. A noticeable feature was its lack of alcohol. No worries, it’s not imperative to drink with a meal! The menu choices were ridiculous. I chose the Cracker Barrel Sampler which came with a wide option of items in itself. Then there was also a choice of side orders and all sorts of extra stuff you could add. After watching a few Kitchen Nightmares episodes, Gordon Ramsey would be going off his head at the size of this menu. The food was really nice although I had no idea what to do with the brown sugar and jam on the side. In keeping with the unusual setup you had to walk out of the restaurant with your bill and pay it at the till in the gift shop. It was an extremely reasonable $12.98 for loads of food and a Diet Coke, of which I’m aware of the irony with it accompanying a 1500-calorie meal. I’ll leave the Cracker Barrel love-in at that though. For some reason I had a hunch to type “Cracker Barrel racist” into Google and a fair bit of content emerged. Most of it dated back quite a while but it didn’t really sound that great. It’s too late to un-eat the meal though!

A Cracker Barrel Sampler