Overall I’ve enjoyed my time in the South. I’d have probably enjoyed it even more if it wasn’t so hot and humid, having been sweating more that the jogging bottom-adorned Hungarian goalkeeper. The South is sometimes looked down upon as being a little backward. Some criticism is clearly merited from its terrible civil rights history and its form as a breeding ground for hateful politics. However I haven’t experienced much of this. I’m fairly sure that I haven’t even seen a Confederate flag during my time here. That said though, I’ve probably visited some of the more progressive parts of the South.

The next stop on the itinerary is Colorado. I’m trying to avoid flying where at all possible because you miss out on seeing stuff but there’s no easy overland way for this journey that doesn’t involve two days on a bus. Therefore I departed Chattanooga on the relatively short bus journey to Atlanta Airport where I would be sleeping tonight.

So far I’ve done a good job at managing to miss the England Euro 2016 games. There’s been a dodgy internet stream in Lille, a transatlantic flight for the Wales games, getting a tattoo done in Asheville and today where the England v Iceland fixture was almost perfectly synchronised with the bus trip from Chattanooga to Atlanta. In hindsight that proved to be a good thing. For once the Greyhound WiFi was working and I was able to follow the goings on via the BBC live updates, WhatsApp and Twitter. Apparently it was as dreadful as it sounded with my Dad describing the performance as bad as anything Tranmere Rovers have produced during the last three years. In other words pathetic, shambolic, embarrassing, and so on. You could almost hear the booing over here in Georgia!

I didn’t take a single photo today so had to improvise with the featured image for the blog. While I wouldn’t normally blatantly rob other people’s work I’d imagine that the owner of the Iceland photo probably won’t mind. I can’t even see a photo credit on the website that it was obtained from. However if this is your photo and you object to such use please get in touch and I’ll be happy to remove it. As for Iceland (the frozen food shop) I’m sure they’ll be delighted for the advertising to be viewed by the four people reading this blog. Judging by their use of Katona and Andre I’m doubt they are too concerned of how their brand image is portrayed!