Something I’ve been pondering for a while is obtaining a tattoo, put together in different stages while travelling. Not for the reason of having a thirty-something mid-life crisis but more for the fact that it will be a nice memento in the future. For this purpose the interweb is great. You can research places in advance, have a look at people’s work, check out their reputation and get in touch to arrange an appointment. The only potential issue could be the risk of infection. Obviously I don’t intend to go to some dodgy backstreet tattooists but sleeping in different beds and living in a stupidly hot climate may slightly increase the chances of infection. After quite a bit more internet research and speaking to people in the know, I decided to go for it. There shouldn’t be any issues provided I shower regularly (which is currently at a rate of twice a day), use the aftercare cream and basically keep it clean. As a precaution I’ve already taken advantage of Spain’s liberal antibiotic supply laws and bought some tablets in Valencia that should do the trick if it does get infected. The tattoo shop was a nice place and Heather was great, both as an artist and conversationalist. I’m well pleased with the outcome and will put a photo on here when it’s finished.

I caught the end of the England v Slovakia game in Pack’s Tavern and then went to find some reasonably-priced food, something that I failed at miserably. Heather had mentioned that Asheville was becoming a bit too trendy for it’s own good and this became apparent when I went inside possibly the poshest supermarket I’ve ever seen. This place makes Waitress look like Kwik Save! The alarm bells should have been ringing when I spotted a shelf full of some sort of food supplement costing $56.99 for a small bottle. They had a hot food buffet which smelt quite nice, reeling me in. It was priced at $7.99/lb. I had no idea how much a lb of food is. As with pic-n-mix, I soon discovered at the checkout that it’s not that much. I paid over $13 for a medium-sized paper plate not even full of food. Or almost £10 for a bit of a buffet that I ate on a bench outside of a supermarket.

During the evening I could hear a pub quiz (or pub trivia as they say here) taking place at the bar immediately below the hostel so I went down to have a look. As a bit of a quiz aficionado, the content was really good. It was just the quiz host that was the issue, with an announcing style that was incredibly overbearing and quite frankly, a bit annoying. He was extremely shouty and bouncing around all over the stage like some sort of hip-hop MC. It was almost as though he was the star of the show rather than the questions. I had a look at this gentleman’s internet reviews and they’re almost universally positive so perhaps it’s me being an old fart. Call me old fashioned but I think I prefer Derek reading out the quiz down at the Dog and Duck.

Nice architecture
Beautiful buildings
Woolworths still going strong here
Trivia night Asheville-style